Licensing Round for Khnaiguiyah

Licensing Round for Khnaiguiyah

Objectives and Impacts

Ensuring the Kingdom's commitment to the mining sector and its strategy to allow qualitative investments

Attracting the best mining companies in terms of performance, economic and social return

Emphasizing the Kingdom's transparency in mining licensing procedures

Contribute to increasing exploration spending, and further discoveries in the country

Providing mineral resources to the value chains of national industries

Overview of the license

Location: 200 km southwest of Riyadh and 30 km south of AI-Quway'iyah Governorate

License area: 353.85 km2.

License type: Exploration

Ore type: zinc and copper (plus manganese, gold, silver and lead}

The volume of mining resources: 4 mineralized bodies with a total core of about 26 million tons of ore (3.3% zinc, 0.24% copper}

Estimated production volume: 55 thousand tons

The volume of previous works: more than 90,000 meters of excavation works, Geophysical survey, and further validation

Estimated size of investment•: 2 billion saudi riyals

Employment estimations•: 3,000 jobs (direct and indirect}

*Estimated based on similar mines

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